She Uses THIS Common Plant To Keep Spiders And Pests Away From Her Home… Genius!

This works even better than I thought… BRILLIANT!

Recently, I learned that there is indeed a plant that will help to keep all those nasty critters at bay. Look… I know that these guys are a necessary part of the ecosystem but not in my house! What what is this magical plant? It’s the peppermint plant! And who wouldn’t want a peppermint plant?

Not only do peppermint plants look great, they smell amazing, they can be used to make a soothing tea or a delicious cocktail, they can help calm an upset stomach, and they can help sooth a sunburn. Oh, and last but not least… they deter spiders, mice, and other pests because they happen to hate the smell of peppermint!

Check out the video below for the full details on how you can use peppermint to help keep your home bug-free! And don’t forget to share this very handy tip with your family and friends.

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