Simon Cowell Is In For A HUGE Surprise When A 12-Year-Old Girl Begins To Sing… Unbelievable!

Listen carefully to what Simon Cowell says to her at the end… WHOA!

Grace VanderWaal is that 12-year-old girl, and when confronted with that question she responded with “miracles can happen.” And then she proceeded to stun everyone with a miracle of a performance. What makes Grace’s performance all the more impressive is that she played a ukelele and the song she sang was an original called “I Don’t Know My Name.” Her incredible performance not only earned her a standing ovation, she also received a golden buzzer from one the judges, Howie Mandell. If you’re not familiar with the golden buzzer, it’s a huge honour because it allows a judge to give the act an automatic pass to the next round, regardless of what the other judges think. But let’s be honest, everyone loved Grace! What did Simon Cowell think? “I think you are the next Taylor Swift.”

Check out this young lady’s amazing performance below and don’t forget to share it with family and friends!

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