A Terrified Child Enters The Courtroom To Testify. Now Watch Closely What These Tough Bikers Do…

Picture this: a young boy has to testify in court against his abuser. But when he walks into the courtroom, he sees THIS right in front of him… This is UNBELIEVABLE!

The abused children have been through some of the worst things imaginable, including sexual and physical abuse. In the video below, we see how these leather-clad tough bikers do everything they can to give these kids their lives back. BACA members will do everything from escorting these children to and from school and therapy, and accompanying them on their court dates and letting them know that they have people on their side. In this video, Crime Watch Daily meets with the BACA crew in Los Angeles as they work with a new member.

Make sure you check out this heartwarming video below. A huge thank you to the members of BACA… the world can definitely use more people like these guys!

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