It’s Been 2 YEARS Since He Last Saw His Brother. Now Watch Who Surprises Him In The Bleachers…

This is one of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen… get a box of tissues ready.

Throughout the years, Bailey, the older brother, despite being only 22 months older had to become a fatherly figure to his younger brother Meyers. The brothers formed an incredible bond but in 2008, Bailey left to become a US Marine and spent time in Afghanistan. This was the first time that the brothers had ever been separated and Meyers was absolutely devastated.

But two years later, Bailey was able to surprise his little brother at the University of Illinois. As Meyers was getting ready to play a college basketball game against Michigan, his brother came in to give him a big surprise. Watch the video below and get ready to see the emotional reunion. Make sure to have a box of tissues ready… And don’t forget to share this amazing video!

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